Denise O’Hagan

‘Denise’s efficient and attentive assessment of my poetry manuscript has been life-changing. Her professional feedback allowed me to envision a version of my manuscript I hadn’t contemplated. Denise’s keen ‘publisher’s eye’ and the resources she offered have been helpful for the continuation of my writing journey. Her honest and apt feedback has been indispensable.’

 Tracie Lark
Writer and teacher, Whangarei, New Zealand

‘Denise’s feedback helped me turn the draft manuscript for Spin into a far more polished final version. Style. Clarity. Succinctness. 88,000 words became 80,500 words. And the book is all the better for it. Always encouraging, even when wearing her black editorial hat!’

 Michael Fidler
Author of Spin, Sydney

As a fledgling writer of creative fiction, Denise’s support has been invaluable in building my confidence, allowing me to venture into areas that I thought I would never be able to manage. Most valuable have been her broad comments about structure, and how content is taken up and understood by the reader. She has made me aware of my writing style and I am on a journey I have always wanted to undertake, knowing that I can rely on her gentle and generous guidance.’

 Sheriden Sommerley
Creative Arts Lecturer, University of Newcastle

I highly recommend Denise. When it came to ensuring that a sentence was clear and a pleasure to read, she was astonishingly thorough. Nothing escaped her. I was particularly pleased with how she didn’t just “correct” my work; she thought about what she was reading and found ways to improve it overall. Her recommendations were invaluable, and she made them so respectfully that at no time did I get the feeling she was telling me what to do.’

Mark Avery
author of The Umpteen Keys to Resilience, Sydney

Denise … made an immense contribution to my Masters in Clinical Dentistry (Prosthodontics). Her professionalism, especially her multidisciplinary application of editorial and linguistic skills in editing, was instrumental in the subsequent publishing of my dissertation.

Dr Sarkis Nalbandian
Designer Smiles, Prosthodontics and Implant Surgery, Sydney

Denise was invaluable in assisting me in preparing a significant 10,000-word case presentation, “Psychotherapy Case”. She worked tirelessly to edit and transform my paper into something that I could submit with confidence. I would wholeheartedly recommend Denise’s work.’

Dr Lori Aranha, psychiatrist, Sydney

In restructuring the draft of my book, Denise proved herself an editor of vast experience and capability. She did not impose her own ideas, but pointed out other options and possibilities. Her methods during the preliminary process were always lucid, and she encouraged me to question her suggestions. I really enjoyed working with Denise.’

Norma Delgarno, author of Becoming Karl: A brain-injured baby’s journey to recovery,
Wildcat Publications, Auckland

‘As consulting editor on material for the State Library’s new website, Denise wrote the Editorial Guidelines for Writers … Denise also rewrote, restructured and copy edited numerous sections of the website and Library publications, ensuring that copy read clearly and was easy to navigate on the website. Denise was highly professional and capable and a pleasure to work with.’

David Drinkwater, Director, Salamander Productions
formerly Senior Project Manager, State Library of New South Wales

Denise … is a very meticulous, reliable editor, who is able to work independently and take complete editorial charge of a project. Further, she has excellent communication skills and is able to liaise and negotiate editorial changes with authors with great skill.

 Rema Gnanadickam
formerly Editorial Manager, Horwitz Educational Publishers, Sydney

The success of Maths-in-a-Box is largely due to the diligence, professionalism and dedication to the project of Denise. In her role as editor she managed my original manuscripts with care and consideration for the educational objectives of the project while contributing ways and means of enhancing the project.’

 Andrew Woods
author of the Maths-in-Box series, Cambridge University Press, Sydney